Susan Sanabria, RN                                        

Susan has over 20 years of teaching experience, and is a graduate of Michael Reese School of Nursing in Chicago, IL, where she graduated with high honors. 

*She has clinical cardiovascular experience at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and the University of Chicago.                    

*Susan became part of the medical team to implement Primary Nursing in the Chicago area. 

*She also began studies of cardiology with Dr. Hunter in new procedures in coronary surgical care in patients with heart transplant. 

*Susan was very involved in implementing the Wellness Center for community and hospital staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. 

*Susan is an American Cancer Society Stop Smoking Program facilitator and a very active American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor.  


                                                Mission Statement of Lyf Savers, Inc.

“It is the vision of Lyf Savers to create a positive environment for learning.  The relationship between student and instructor is to educate, establish confidence, and necessary skill to succeed in an emergency.”